In the times when you feel surrounded

Locked up in life’s chains


Like prison walls around so high and

there is no place to escape


When all seems lost and feels worthless

Lift up your faith don’t be faithless


Get up and dance sing a new song

Hold your head up high



Put on your garment of praise

Shout aloud with hands raised


This is a time to celebrate

Buckle up get in the groove


Let’s Dance



There is freedom where the spirit is moving

And he is moving here now


So don’t relent, sing the song, keep the dance

For your freedom is now


The wind of the spirit is moving

The chains will break, Shackles falling


Get up and dance sing a new song

Hold your head up high




Here comes the wind of revival

Rest in the love of the savior

Dance to the beat of redemption 

Jesus has won your salvation

Garment of Praise. Copyright Rock of Escape

Song Writers: Joshua Jere

Rock of Escape


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